Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring

When you live in Minnesota with snow in April, you can’t wait to transition to spring. Freshening up your home for the different seasons can be a lot of fun. Small changes such as switching out a few low key accent pieces in your home can bring in the new season in full bloom. So, when winter seems never to end follow these tips to update your home decor to bring in spring.

Sprucing up Neutrals

Keep your cool tone furniture and add in hints of color like light minty greens, peaches and other pastel tones. Also, adding accents of white adds light and delicacy. This will help space feel brighter and remind us of spring.

Get Blooming

A few blooms added to space can give a feeling of springtime. Stop by to your local grocery store or flower shop and bring in fresh flowers. Blooms can help warm up the d├ęcor and it will be a good reminder spring is soon to come at least we hope so! Live plants may be a lot of work however it is a great option to help clean up the stale air in the home from the winter months. Live plants can add a fresh vibe to space.
Ditch the Faux Furs
Store all those cozy wintertime items such as faux furs, throws, and accent pillows. Complement with fresh springtime colors like floral prints, leaf print pillows and pastel blankets for the colder nights.

Go Organic
Find a fun printed pattern bowl and add in fresh fruit such as apples and pears. A great way two for one bringing in color and to get on track with your fitness goals! Add twigs and branches to a neutral vase to quickly update the look for spring. Faux moss makes a great bowl filler as well and adds a natural touch.

Let it Shine
In the winter months, we tend to hunker down and close all the windows and blinds to keep the heat in. During the peak hours of the day open the curtains and pull back the shades especially on the south side of the house to brighten things up. Shiny items such as glass or metallics can have a colder feel to them so warm up those metallic vases with some pops of color too.
Warm Regards with a bit of luck that this is our last snow for the season.
Kelly Harbal