Defining Staging vs Interior Decorating

Defining Staging vs Interior Decorating


3 Key Principles that define Staging vs Decorating…

Home Staging is the act of preparing a home to be on the real estate market. Staging will focus on selling the home to the widest audience possible.  Staging can have an impact on how fast the home sells. It will focus primarily on de-cluttering, depersonalizing, and market the home as a product.

Home Staging may seem very similar at first glance as Decorating but there are 3 principles that will set them apart.

Who is the intended client?

While Decorating focuses on the home owner’s personal tastes and style, Staging will focus on appealing to a broad audience to make the home market ready.

What is the purpose behind it?

Decorating uses the client’s desires and sets up the house for how they use their home. Designing the space to fit how they live in the home.

Staging, however, transforms the home to its intended purpose. Showing each space as it was intended to be used. For example, a dining room set up as an office for the current owner would be better highlighted as a dining room when staged for the potential buyer.

Psychology is decorating where we take the clients personal style and add in design principles. Home staging follows the same principles as design. Staging creates a home a potential buyer will fall in love by taking out the guesswork from their largest purchase, home buying.

One of the most important principles of Home Staging is psychology. A potential buyer will lose their focus of picturing themselves in the home when someone else’s personal items are displayed or in view. In order to help the potential buyer to view the property as their own. Staging is key!