Personalized Kids Rooms

Personalized Kids Rooms



Fun and inviting space for kids to play, lounge and call their own. At one-time most kid’s rooms were themed rooms such as baseball, dance etc. The Current trend is leaning towards making the room theirs.

Storage- The biggest challenge in kid’s rooms is storage, which is kind of an understatement to say the least. There are the countless boxes of board games, the random toys, and the Lego’s everywhere, but the list goes on and on. The first step is starting to de-clutter. What a daunting task! Allie Casazza has a great guide on decluttering found here. This is probably the most difficult step. Often, we think about a toy being a reminder of when they were little, or maybe the other child may play with it someday…A great tip of advice:

“Be a Ruthless Editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourself what does this object mean to me?”

 – Nate Berkus

Another great tactic is to consider what your child will learn from the toy. Can this toy promote free play? What can they learn from it? In our home, we would be more likely to keep Legos and building blocks because our kiddos can use their imagination to build and create.

Design– This is the fun part. If your kids are old enough to give you an opinion, ask them! You may be surprised at how savvy they are about designing their spaces. They may just surprise you. In our case when designing our playroom, the kids went on a trip to the store and helped select pillows and a blanket for their space. This way they know space is there’s. It helps them to feel like they participated in the design too, which ultimately may mean they spend more time enjoying it.

Flooring– I have to say that hardwoods are my favorite! So, easy to keep clean for spills and mishaps along with way. However, adding a rug to hardwood is not a bad idea either. It can help muddle the sounds coming from the kid’s rooms. Just a helpful Mom tip anyways.

Paint- Be Creative! If you have a hard time selecting paints KLHome Staging is a Color Certified Expert (CCE) offering Paint Consultations to help you find the perfect paint choice the first time before you hire your Painter or go through the trouble of painting the room and not knowing if you made the right choice.


At KLHome Staging we follow a Certified Color Expert, 6-step color read processthat starts with your preferences, assesses your current furnishings and finishes, and then puts it all together.

Organize It!  Bins, Totes, Shelving, honestly if you have some of these items in your home already you may be able to reuse them in this space for storage. It does not have to be a new piece to make it work. Find what works best for you and run with it. Make toys the kids use often within their reach, so they can easily get their favorite toys without having the need to climb.

Lighting– Task lighting may be needed at a desk space, or a lamp on a nightstand, or ceiling light. We purchased a clicker for our son’s room so he could easily turn on and off the light on his nightstand on his own. Fun light fixtures add a little extra in these spaces, or even switching out a lampshade may just be all you need.

Work Space– Turn a simple desk into a work of art by adding a paint makeover. For seating add in a fun chair in their favorite color. Adjustable chairs will let the child grow into space and there are even desks that adjust heights too so your pieces last longer as they grow which they will too fast I’m sure of it. Avoid the Clutter with kids workspaces by using bins, a desk with drawers, shelving. Splurge a little and buy desk accessories and notebooks. Imagine how they will use their new found space and what they may need for storage and you can always add in later too, but try to plan ahead.