5 Steps to a Great Playroom

Toys spilling out of the closet? Literally! This mom is on a mission to organize and create a place of harmony in the toy room. I truly felt that if I was expecting my kids to clean up after themselves and dreaded opening the closet door afterwards. We needed to make storage easier. A place for everything and everything in its place mentality. So that’s where we started.


Step 1– Remove toys that are no longer age appropriate for your children.

*Another great rule we follow is “does this toy evoke creative play or using their imagination?” Great toys for this include Legos, blocks, dress-up etc.

We also try to find toys to build their minds such as STEM/STEAM toys. The Learning Resources STEM Programmable Robot Mouse is a great place to start. Also learning games such as OSMO. (referral link) can include different activities to teach coding,

Step 2– Small toys group into bins by type example: marble runs, train tracks, playdoh, and game controllers.  The best part about the bins and the IKEA Kallax cabinet is that it keeps the visual clutter down.


Step 3– In our case we removed most of the boxes from the board games and purchased Sterlite clip box containers for easy stacking. Next, we plan to add labels to the front of bins to identify which game is in which container. You can do this with a label maker, or cutout part of the original box and add it to the container with the picture. Also remember to save your game directions. We plan to use out Silhouette Cameo 3 Machine to make labels. If you don’t have one it’s worth the investment especially if you do crafts.


Step 4– We overhauled the existing closet space by taking out the poorly functioning closet shelves and adding in Fast Track Closet System by Rubbermaid. The brackets are placed into a fully adjustable rail, so when we need to reconfigure the closet for new games and toys we can.


Step 5-Adding all the games onto the shelving and adjust as needed. We placed the toys for our daughter on the lower shelf and for our oldest son on the higher shelves, so they can easily access toys for their age group, and those which would interest them the most.


Literally one happy Mom!



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