"Design adds value faster than it adds costs." -- Joel Spolsky, creator of Trello

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Who We Are At KLHome, we offer effective and real-life tips and inspiration to guide homeowners in their home design. We offer advice from decorating to paint selection. The KLHome brand is one of the top Home Design Companies in Southern MN. Our team is trained in the techniques in the interior design industry. The KLHome company is also known as The KLHome Signary an Etsy based show bringing you the latest in wood signs and creations.

Meet Our Owner, Kelly has started her career in Residential Construction by becoming a Full-Time drafter designing small commercial and residential homes. Kelly earned her AAS in Architectural Drafting and Design from South Central Technical College. Prior to establishing KLHome, Kelly spent more than 11 years as a Kitchen Designer. She has been interviewed by publications such as Rochester Women's Magazine and spoke at several Real Estate events. Her work has also been showcased in Foreside Home & Garden magazine.



About KLHome

KLHome is part of the Staging Studio family. We have been trained to implement techniques to better market your listing. We are helping people find value and get connected to the home of their dreams. We are one of the top Vacant Home Stagers in Southern MN. Our brand is committed to serving our clients in selling their listings while offering design inspiration.

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