What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of marketing a property by combining decorating, and design to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. The key objectives are to sell the property for the most potential profit with minimal days on market or DOM.

Where is your inventory from?

In order to maintain a high quality in our furniture selections KLHome offers furniture sourced from our own inventory collections. We do not rent from third-party vendors. All furniture including artwork, linens, and accessories are property of KLHome Staging. At KLHome we curated each furniture set that we bring out to every property to uphold our high standards and quality control.

When to call in an Expert?

Do you have a Vacant Home without furnishings? Then there is no time to waste! When a property is staged is offers potential buyers a reference point to visualize what can fit in the space. Did you know 90% of people are not able to visualize spaces. In a furnished space a potential buyer will linger in longer then a vacant property. It also has more potential to get an offer(s) the longer a potential buyer stays in the home.

What if the staging isn't my style?

Keep in mind Staging is meant to making an emotional connection with the potential buyers. At KLHome we will use our training to market your property in the best possible way. With that said, KLHome will have the final say on what items will be used in each listing. You hired us for our skills and expertise, and we will showcase your listing using our skill set.

Why a Stager vs an Interior Designer?

While Staging and Interior Design are similar in some ways the objectives are very different. Staging focuses on selling your home and creating a marketable property. In Interior Design the focus is on creating a personalized space based on your style preferences.

What is included in a Home Staging Consultation?

We offer a Walk and Talk style consultation. During the consultation we offer a full in depth look at your home. We partner with the homeowner to during the process for the best results. We give them an action plan to help sell their home. We offer insider tips, and tricks for marketing your property. We start by focusing on highlighting the key selling points of the property. After the consultation the home owner will have notes to help them implement their own staging day using items we found in their home. We may also suggest adding in a few pieces to complete the look.

How to I get pricing on a Vacant Stage?

Each home is unique in what we need to bring out to the property. Initially we recommend sending photos or a floor plan to info@klhomestaging.com. Please include address for the listing and MLS information as well as square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Also include a rough timeframe of when you are looking to stage the property? Is the home on the market, or preparing to list? Any open houses we should be aware of? A certain date or deadline you would prefer the home to be listed by? Will it be a Full Stage, or partial? If partial list which rooms you would like to have Staged. We can also make suggestions on which rooms to stage for partials. Include Name, phone number, email address and other information that maybe relevant to your listing.

How long are Vacant Staging Contracts for?

We offer a 30-day contract with all our Vacant Stages. The contract is provided at the time of the proposal.

How are payments handled?

Each client receives an online account or portal. Payments can be made direct through Paypal or Square from the online portal. Companies may pay by check. Initially, the setup fees are due at time of signing the contract. Setup Fees are only applied during the first month's payment. Setup includes: Prep, Planning, Staging Day "Install" and De-staging or teardown. The Monthly payment is due prior to Staging Day to keep Staging Day as scheduled.

When will my staging day occur?

Once we receive the deposit (setup fees) and the contract then we will coordinate your Staging Day.

Should I stage my home prior to listing?

Absolutely! In Real Estate you generally only get one first impression, so make it count!
Ask about our Photography Package to help showcase your listing online.

Why invest in Selling my Home?

In General, staging is typically under 1% of your list price for a Full Staged Home. Investing in your nest egg can potentially increase your overall profits and may lead to less overall DOM or Days on Market. Typically, Home Staging is less than your first price reduction and makes a great first impression with potential home buyers.